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Fishing Information

Flasher Tips:

Here are some general guidelines for trolling with a flasher:

120 feet or less - UV, Glow or Silver can be used
120 feet or deeper - UV only, Glow or Silver cannot be seen in the light spectrum at this depth. Some even say to switch to UV at around 100 feet

Distance from flasher to lure, depending on size of flasher:

Blackmouth(young Chinook): 32" - 44"
Kings(adult Chinook): 36" - 46?
Silvers(Coho) - 18?-24?
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Try attaching your flasher directly to your downrigger ball instead of your line; you’ll fight the fish, not the flasher.

Casting for Dollys off the Beach:

Use either a Krocodile spoon or a glow squid, preferably with a green hook, on 22" of leader from your spin sinker. Catch and release only.


Chunk of herring on a 2/0 hook with a 1/2 oz spin sinker. Cast and slow retrieve along the bottom.

*When beach casting, be mindful of how fast your lure sinks so you can adjust the weight to aviod snags. Plus, the faster it sinks, the less effective the lure will be.

Casting for Silvers off the Beach:

Use a Buzz Bomb(size 2, 2 1/2 or 3) w/ no sinker, a blue/silver Blue Fox Vibrax Spinner w/ 1oz spin sinker or a Dick Nite 50/50 w/ 1oz spin sinker. Buzz bombs and Vibrax should be jerked upwards between cranks to create intended action. Dick Nite is a slow retrieval, close to bottom but not dragging.


Chunk of herring on 24" of leader from a 1oz - 1 1/2oz spink sinker with a 2" float above the sinker.

*When beach casting, be mindful of how fast your lure sinks so you can adjust the weight to aviod snags. Plus, the faster it sinks, the less effective the lure will be.

Trolling for Pacific Halibut:

Fish from 90 - 120 ft.

Put a strip of fresh Seoul or Herring on a hootchie with 3ft leader off an 11" flasher. Use lots of Smelly Jelly on the hootchie and bait.

Casting for Pinks or Silvers (river)

Cast Buzz bombs, Krocs and Blue Foxes. Smelly Jelly on your lures will always help.

Drift Dick Nites

Trolling for Blackmouth (young Chinook)

Fish at 65-80 feet in 100-130 feet of water. Leader should be 42-46".

I always recommend putting a 1" strip of herring on any spoon or hootchie you're trolling.

Trolling for Kings (adult Chinook)

Usually at or near the bottom. Your leader should be 44-60" to create a long, sweeping arc on the flasher. Flasher should be Green Haze, Rainbow, Army Truck or Green Glow. Troll either green or blue sized herring or a Coyote/Coho Killer Spoon. Sometimes reports will indicate they are hitting on squid as well.

Trolling for Silvers(Coho)

Use an 18-24" leader (they like that short, quick action) on a Cop Car, Blue, Purple Haze or Red flasher. Use herring, hoochies, Coyote or Coho Killer spoons. Even when using hoochies and spoons, a strip of herring won't hurt.

Trolling for Pinks

Troll a 8" or 11" white dodger or flasher 18-24" in front of a pink mini-squid. They are usually in less than 40ft of water.

Casting for Sturgeon

Use a sinker slide on heavy # test line(40-80). Run your line through the slide, which should be attached to a 6-12oz pyramid weight, and tie to a 6/0, 7/0 or 8/0 hook. Tie a sand shrimp to the hook with Spider Thread or Magic Thread. Cast rig out as far as you can(should be using at least an 8'6" rod, stiff action) and let it sink to bottom and stick in sand. The slide will allow the Sturgeon to take the hook without any tension, let the fish run for a bit then set the hook.

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